Burial or Cremation?

Often the deceased has made their wishes known, but if not then it is up to the family to choose. Whatever your choice, H Morris Funeral Services will be able to take care of the arrangements for you.

In New Zealand, there are four options available: burial, cremation, burial at sea or donating a body to medical science.


In the past, this was the most common choice and is still favoured by many. It provides a family with a focal point, a grave to go to where they remember their loved one. Burial involves buying a burial plot, paying an interment fee, which covers the cost of digging the grave and maintaining it, and usually buying a memorial or headstone. In almost all cases, the places people can be buried are limited by law to official cemeteries or traditional burial grounds.


Cremation provides greater flexibility when choosing a final resting place because there is no restriction to specific places of burial, however a memorial or plaque is often chosen to provide the focal point for the family.

Cremation involves placing the body and casket into a cremator, and everything is reduced to ashes. There is only ever one person at a time cremated, and the ash remains are purposefully kept together and distinctly complete. Ashes are put into either a plain pine or a basic plastic urn. These containers are designed to be put into some of the memorial urns we have available, or we can transfer ashes into an urn designed for scattering, or placing into water. If you wish, we can divide ashes into a number of smaller urns, and there are services available to include a small amount of ash into keepsake jewellery or into blown glass ornamental pieces.

Burial at Sea

There are specially designated areas off the New Zealand coastline for burial at sea. We will talk with you about this option, and make the necessary arrangements, including preparation of a suitable casket.

Organ and Body Donation

The Faculty of Medical and Health Sciences at the University of Auckland have a programme in place for Human Body Bequests. If there is interest eye or organ donation or leaving the body to medical science for research and training purposes, arrangements need to be made prior to death and we can provide information about all of these options.

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