International and National Repatriation

Repatriation is taking home the body or the remains of someone who has died somewhere else in the country or overseas. Because there may be a personal desire for burial in their native country there is a need to transport the deceased either home to New Zealand, or indeed back overseas where they can be laid to rest in the land of their birth and their ancestors.

You should state your desire to be repatriated in your Will. It may be your wish to be buried in the land of your birth, perhaps a family grave or a church cemetery with other members of the family or clan. It is always wise to discuss your wishes with family and close friends so that they are able to fulfil your final wishes.

H Morris Funeral Services offer a complete worldwide repatriation service, from the removal of the deceased, embalming, provision of a suitable casket for air transport, legal documentation for foreign shipment, and the air transportation to the deceased’s country of origin.

Similarly, we will work with funeral homes in other countries and co-ordinate the return of anyone who has died while away from New Zealand, to bring them home and then help with arrangements for a funeral.

Contact us as soon as possible so that we may help with repatriation of the deceased. For more information or advice please click here or phone H Morris Funeral Services.

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