Recording your Choices

As part of your planning, you may also like to record your choices surrounding your funeral. Our personalised planning form can be completed online and submitted, or printed so you can add it to your funeral pack.

We will keep your details on file for when they are required – you will just have to make sure that your family and close friends know about it. It is a good idea to keep a copy with your Will.

Download Form

The first part of this form, My Personal Details, enables you to record personal information required by the Registrar-General of Births, Death and Marriages. Please enter your details – it will be helpful to those arranging the funeral when the time comes. The second part, My Funeral Details, helps you to record your preferences for the funeral arrangements.

Recording Your Choices

The following includes the information required by the Registrar – General of Births, Deaths & Marriages. Please complete fully to ensure your personal details are accurately recorded and your wishes followed.
1 My Personal Details:
2 My Marriage/ Civil Union Details:
3 My Family Details:
4 My Funeral Details:

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